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One of the most frequent and urgent concerns from residents has been the void of healthy food options in District 1 and lack of grocery stores within a reasonable distance from their homes. As Commissioner, I will work to eliminate these food deserts by attracting grocery stores and bringing more restaurant options throughout the district. I will invest in pop-up neighborhood farmers’ markets and work with public and private groups to establish food pantries to quickly bring fresh produce to communities.


The COVID-19 pandemic devastated lives, families, and the economy. It will take years for the rest of the world and Clayton County to recover. As Commissioner, I will provide COVID-19 economic assistance including extending the eviction moratorium and providing rental assistance. To maintain community health, I will host regular health fairs and promote wellbeing in District 1.

The majority of District 1 residents live in unincorporated Clayton County. The County Commissioner is the local representative for residents outside of city limits.  As your next County Commissioner, I pledge to represent the unincorporated communities and be your voice for issues such as trash collection, illegal dumping, traffic congestion, and affordable housing.
Quality of life can range from having adequate parks and recreational activities in District 1 to having a healthy balance of residential and commercial zoning.  Residents deserve to drive down roads free of excessive potholes or safely walk along a street with sidewalks between their destinations. As Commissioner, I will work to implement smart zoning practices that are responsive to residents’ desire to have a safe distance between residential and industrial warehousing areas. I will increase the number of sidewalks and implement traffic-calming measures to increase pedestrian safety on busy thoroughfares.
Clayton County is home to the world’s busiest airport. We boast a diverse range of businesses and industries including aviation, logistics and distribution, health services, and a burgeoning film production industry. As Commissioner, I will work to expand public/private partnerships, provide support for small businesses' growth, and recruit well-paying jobs, quality jobs in a diversity of industries that will provide stability and increase the quality of life standards for residents.

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